Black Ridge

(also known as Glenmona)


Welcome to our virtual consultation website relating to our proposals for the following planning applications on lands at Glenmona:

Application A

Proposed residential development comprising 36 no. apartments within 2 no. apartment blocks.  Development includes car parking, landscaping, access and all associated site works (amendment to LA04/2020/0804/F).

Application B

Proposed development of 7 no. Class B1/B2 Business/Light Industrial Units, car parking, cycle parking, landscaping, access and all associated site works (amendment to LA04/2020/0804/F).

Purpose of Consultation and Next Steps

The purpose of this virtual consultation website is to share our indicative proposals with the community and other interested parties, prior to the submission of a Full Planning Application to Belfast City Council.

We are committed to engaging with members of the wider community on our updated proposals following initial consultation in October 2022. The feedback received will be considered by the design team and will help to shape our proposals prior to the submission of a planning application.

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This website is a one-stop shop for all information relating to these proposals. You can browse our plans and view information documents relating to our proposals. An online feedback form can also be completed on the website.


Information leaflets have been delivered to properties within 200 metres of the proposal site. This leaflet included information on the proposals and information on this virtual consultation website as well as contact information for the consultation manager.

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Never forgetting its origins or the family values so important to the McGinnis name, the Braidwater Group is now one of Northern Ireland’s leading builders. Thanks to a team of over 100 talented and conscientious people, Braidwater has won a raft of awards for major private and social housing developments located throughout Northern Ireland.

This next stage in the Braidwater journey is an exciting one. Here’s to the next 100 years and counting.

Strategic Context, Site Location, Planning Policy Context and Planning History

General Location

Both subject sites form part of the wider Glenmona development (approved under LA04/2020/0804/F) which is located on land between the Upper Springfield Road, Glen Road and the Monagh by-pass, about 2.5 miles south west of Belfast City Centre.

Surrounding Area

The Glenmona site is within a mixed use area characterised by residential dwellings, local shops at Glen Road, and services including schools, churches and recreational facilities. The site also benefits from excellent connectivity being sited adjacent to the A55 Monagh By-Pass, a protected transport route which forms part of the outer orbital ring for the City of Belfast; and the A501 Glen Road, both of which provide direct and easy access into the City Centre, c. 2.5 miles to the north-east of the site. 

Wider Glenmona site

Within the wider mixed use development, there are residential dwellings to the south east and south west and the community centre is situated to the west of the proposal. The approved commercial centre is located to the north west and the Monagh By-Pass runs along the north eastern boundary.

The Subject Sites

The lands for both applications were formerly approved for employment uses within the wider mixed-use development, located to the south east of the main site access from the Monagh By-Pass. The lands are currently subject to groundworks as per the live planning permission. 

Site A

Site A is situated directly south east of the main site access/spine road with frontage onto Monagh-By-Pass.

Site B

Site B is located to the south east of Site A, to the north of residential dwellings constructed under the original approval.

Our Proposals for Glenmona

Planning history

Planning Reference Number: LA04/2020/0804/F

The subject lands form part of the wider Glenmona mixed use planning approval, which was granted on 10th March 2021. The overall permission comprised:

“Proposed major mixed-use development comprising 653 residential dwellings (549 social housing units and 104 affordable housing units); 2 replacement residential care homes; mixed use area including local neighbourhood retail centre (1 convenience retail anchor unit and 3 retail/hot food/coffee shop units and hotel; Class B business uses within employment zone comprising a mix of 6 Class B1a offices; 1 Class B1b/B1c call centre and R&D office; and 11 Class B1b/B1c/B2 call centre and R&D offices/light industrial units.; community facilities including community building; MUGA pitch and play area. Development includes 2 vehicular site access points from Monagh By-Pass (1 signalised), associated internal road network, pedestrian and cycle ways, public open space, children’s play area(s), landscaping, 2 no. waste water treatment works, and all other site and access works (amended scheme)”

Policy context

Within the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan (2015), the lands form part of the wider Monagh Bypass / Upper Springfield Road Mixed Use zoning (Ref: BT 002).

Overall Layout

The subject lands were approved as an employment zone including:

  • 6 Class B1a offices;
  • 1 Class B1b/B1c call centre and R&D office; and
  • 11 Class B1b/B1c/B2 call centre and R&D offices/light industrial units
  • Electric vehicle charging access for all properties

Unfortunately, the lands have been unsuccessfully marketed for employment development and as such the subject proposals replace part of the employment zone with 36 no. apartments and provides for a scaled back employment area of 7 no. units.

Application A – Residential

Application A comprises 36 no. Category 1 (Over 55’s) Social Housing Apartments within 2 no. apartment blocks, replacing part of the previously approved employment zone.

It is envisaged that residential development is the most appropriate solution for the lands, ensuring that the prominent site does not lay vacant in the long term, complementing the wider residential development and contributing additional housing in an area of acute housing need. There are 4 no. wheelchair units included as part of the proposal.

The residential layout includes for a vehicular access into a private parking court; pedestrian access from the main spine roadl landscaping and open space; and private amenity areas.

Application B – Commercial

The proposals comprise an amendment to the previous employment zone, providing for 7 no. Class B1/Class B2 Business/Light Industrial Units. The proposals will include for a separate access to the apartment development and a dedicated parking area.

Benefitting the Community

The two development proposals will deliver a number of community benefits as outlined below:

Provision of 36 new Category 1 Over 55 homes in an area of high housing need

Retention of employment uses comprising 7 no. business/industrial units

Ensure this prominent part of the site is developed and does not lay vacant in the medium to long term

Investment of c. £5.5 million in this area of Belfast

Have your say

Our community consultation will be closed on Tuesday 9th July 2024, 5pm. We would like to thank the local community for participating in the consultation and for providing their feedback.

We will be reviewing the feedback received from our consultation and produce a Statement of Community Involvement. This statement will be one part of our forthcoming planning application and reflect the feedback received.

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